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Not Sastified with your 4D hit rates ?
With this unique tool, you'll:

Increase your strike frequency.
Spot the consistent performance 4Ds.
Play the high potential direct 4Ds.
And much much more ...
What's News
Finally, latest version of SuperEase PLUS Professional will be officially launch on 3rd Jan 2012. + "I strike 1st Prize on 1942 and won $12,000.00! Without 4D SuperEase, I would not be able to get this winning 1st prize number." + "I checked my 4D ticket and I was so thrilled that 4D SuperEase has helped me hit the 1st prize on 2477 and I won $19,000.00!" + Two SuperEase users strike the 1st Prize on 13 Jan 08 and won a total of $30,830.00! + "On 13th Jan 2008, I hit two prizes, a 1st prize on 7123 using 4D SuperEase software..." + Two SuperEase winners strike the Top-3 prize on 1 Sep 07 and won a total of $20,000.00! + "Bingo! I got it Right on Target. I strike first Prize on 4757 and became $6000.00 richer!"... + Another SuperEase user won $25,000.00 strike 1st prize 3192 ... + Happy user won 1st prize $50,883.00 from the new SuperEase 2007 Professional. + Newly launched SuperEase 2007 Professional has become smarter, more effcient than ever before! + SuperEase user won $25,000.00 1st prize... + 4 hits in a single draw from the SuperEase System Forecast! + Three Top 3 Prize hits from the February 2006 System Forecast! + Total winning of $130,450.00, ranging from $12,900 to $46,190! The secrets...
"With my super confidence in 4D SuperEase software, I played $20 big on 3562 and I strike 1st prize direct on 3562 and won $40,000.00. Now, I am indeed super overjoyed!"
"I won a pretty windfall of $29,000.00! I strongly feel that my fantastic good luck is due the powerful 4D SuperEase software and also the amazing power of the Eight Treasure Coin."
"To my greatest amazement, I won the 1st prize with an awesome $75,000.00! new van is fully "sponsored" by 4D HelpDesk SuperEase and Singapore Pools!"
"With the help of 4D SuperEase, I hit two 1st prizes (both direct hit) and I won a total of $35,000.00 within a week! I am truly amazed!"

Superease 2005 Trial-Ver:
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Superease 2007 update:
Last updated: 02, Dec 2007
Download latest version today. Free for existing SuperEase 2007 user only.

Weekly Tips (21/1 - 25/1)
Singapore Pools: (system/box)

Magnum 4D: (system/box)

Recommended direct numbers will be posted in the SuperEase software's Tips download function.

Past Tips Results:
15/1 1234 1st Prize
15/1 1235 Starter

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