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strike 3562 1st Prize using SuperEase!
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The Best-Selling 4D software in town!
Your search is over... the best ever, most powerful and comprehensive 4-D Analysis and Forecast software is here.

4DHelpDesk SuperEase is a comprehensive 4-D Analysis and Forecast software that is designed with the beginners, intermediate to the advanced users in mind. SuperEase puts you in control of the simplest to the most advanced 4D analysis feature you can possibly think of.

It helps you to play smart by minimizing your investment and increases your strike rates. With its powerful functions and analysis tools, it fits the way you want to analyse and pick your winning numbers.

Features: Unlimited installation. 14 days money-back guarantee. No maintenance fees.
Products: Standard ver $188. Premium ver $288. Professional $388

Features Highlights
ROB Analysis using SE 2005 Professional
- Return-On-Bet (ROB) Analysis for the best monetary return 4Ds and play with strategy.

It allows you to analyse by category, strike interval range & direct numbers investment and shows you the best return 4Ds with the profit & loss for each year & draws!

The analysis don't just stop here, it smart enough to analyse for you the Best Bet Summary that show you various playing interval and which one is most recommended! It even let you to select and adjust the playing strategy in order to maximize you return!

So, no more guessing or searching, enjoy the game with SuperEase 2005 Professional!

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Learn the Unique Digit Analysis technique
- How to increase your strike frequency with the unique clustering power.

Unique Digit Analysis is specially design for those who like to play AABC or AAAB category. With the Unique Digit Analysis, it helps you to cluster 3 AABC or 2 AAAB into a single set as we call it "Unique Digit".

If you cluster the AABC as unique digit such as "046", the year 02 have 17 hits, year 03 have 27 hits and year 04 have 21 hits! So to speak it have average of 20 hits per year and average of 1.6 hits per month!

So with the Unique Digit clustering methods, it helps you to reduce strike interval fluctuation and increase your strike frequency with a shorter interval ...

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3D Analysis technique
- Analyse the best 3 digits in 4D by various digit position.

3D Analysis allow you to analyse the best 3 digits performance out of 4 digits. This will help you to narrow down the best 3 digit to play and you only left the last digit to choose or to be analysed.

The 3D Analysis not only help you to analyse the best 3D, it also cater for 3D analysis by various position such as first 3 digit, last digit & etc. and it really cater to your playing budget as well.

So, with this SuperEase 3D Analysis, you can narrow down to the best 3 digits to play!

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4D Combination Info - Issue 3 (bilingual)
The new issue come with both Mandarin and English due to the popular demands from the english readers. We also add in the best 4D-ROLL for last one year for those like to play 4D-ROLL.

22/09/2005 Thu:
SuperEase Advanced Course ~ System Pick (7pm~10.00pm)

25/10/2005 Tue:
SuperEase Advanced Course ~ System Pick (7pm~10.00pm)

10/11/2005 Thu:
SuperEase 2005 Prefessional Course (7pm~9.30pm)

13/12/2005 Tue:
SuperEase 2005 Prefessional Course (7pm~9.30pm)

SuperEase Forecast Review
September 2005 4D Forecast:

Total of 14 hits with 2 Top 3 prize, 6 Starter and 5 Consolation.

October 2005 4D Forecast:

01/10 7438 Starter
01/10 8992 Starter
01/10 9928 Consolation
05/10 3113 Consolation
05/10 3377 Consolation
08/10 2593 Starter
09/10 9683 Consolation
09/10 5684 Starter
12/10 2233 Consolation
12/10 9208 Consolation
16/10 3608 Starter
22/10 8203 1st Prize
26/10 2308 Starter
29/10 6845 Consolation
30/10 4406 Starter
30/10 4586 Consolation
30/10 3311 Consolation

Congratulations to those who strike !
4D Magazine - 4D Combination Info
4D Combination Info - 3rd Issue
4D Magazine for all players. ~ bilingual

This book will be served as a quick and easy reference guide for all 4D players.
You can get it at POPULAR book shop, magazine stalls & other book stalls around Singapore with $3.80 only.

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Magazine Forecast Review
3rd issue Forecast:

4D forecast:
04/09 7833 Starter
07/09 3870 Consolation*
10/09 3472 Starter
11/09 5115 1st prize*
14/09 4273 Starter*
14/09 4439 Consolation*
18/09 3944 Starter
25/09 8760 Starter
28/09 4327 Starter
28/09 2374 Consolation

Total of 10 hits with 1 1st prize, 6 Starter and 3 Consolation.

3D Forecast - 467:
17/09 4674 Consolation*
18/09 1746 Consolation
18/09 9674 3rd prize*
24/09 6714 Consolation
28/09 4706 1st prize*

* direct hit

Congratulations to those who strike and more to come...
News Info

"To my greatest amazement, I won the 1st prize with an awesome $75,000.00! new van is fully "sponsored" by 4D HelpDesk SuperEase and Singapore Pools!" ~ Awesome SuperEase User. . . read the story >>
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19/10/2005: read the story...
"With my super confidence in 4D SuperEase software, I played $20 big on 3562 and I strike 1st prize direct on "3562" and won $40,000.00. Now, I am indeed super overjoyed!" ~ Super Overjoyed Rand

"Another $40,000.00! winner from SuperEase, will publish the story next month"

3rd issue of "4D Combination Info ~ bilingual" is now available at POPULAR book shop.

06/08/2005: read the story...
"I won a pretty windfall of $29,000.00! I strongly feel that my fantastic good luck is due the powerful 4D SuperEase software..." ~ Pretty Fairy888

20/06/2005: read the story...
"I strike 3rd Prize direct on 9187 and won a total of $12,900.00! Thanks to the Amazing 8 Treasure Gold Coin and 4D SuperEase Professional." ~ 8 Treasure Owner

27/05/2005: read the story...
"WOW! I hit a 3rd prize on the number 7314 and won a cool sum of $46,190.00!" ~ Tigress Wood

2nd issue of "4D Combination Info is now available at POPULAR book shop.

08/04/2005: read the story...
"Again, using your 4D SuperEase software, I am happy to tell you that I won hit two Top-3 prizes and won a total of $12,000.00!" ~ Tau Pio Soh

01/03/2005: read the story...
"When I heard the results over the radio, the 1st prize number drawn was 3075. I was amazed...I had won myself $4,000.00!" ~ Super Matrix

01/02/2005: read the story...
"hit 1st prize on 1273 and won $4,000.00! If not from the SE forum and the SE software, I probably might not have bought this set of 4D." ~ Lucky Striker

20/01/2005: read the story...
"Striking 1st Prize on 1273 (both system and direct), and won $8000.00!" ~ CaiShenNiang

26/11/2004: read the story...
"I hit two 1st prizes and I won a total of $35,000.00 within a week! I am truly amazed!" - InfiniteWin

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