Letter from the winner

“Without 4D SuperEase programme, I wouldn't have won so many times within such a short time frame. I'm sure with SuperEase, I'm going to hit many more numbers in the near future!" – Christina

3 Feb 04

Dear Master Charles,

I would like to share my (rather long-winded!) winning story with you and all the other readers here.

I've been a 'blind' lucky 4D winner in the past; hitting between 1 to 4 nos per year based on gut feelings on certain direct nos. These last two years, it crossed my mind to start doing some serious analysing by collecting past data. Needless to say, it was a very tedious job. It didn't take me long to discover that there is a trend/pattern to certain numbers.

Then, while surfing the internet, I saw your website. Read the messages of the many people who hit 4D prizes based on your suggestions and the 4D SuperEase software. I decided to try out your
4D SuperEase software. I figured out that even by winning a starter would have Singapore Pools “sponsored” my 4D SuperEase software! This happened in Oct last year.

I must admit that I have mixed feeling about the software. I want a lazy way out - like getting SuperEase to predict direct numbers to hit within 1 to 3 draws... It didn't work this way. It was one long and costly Oct month... I did my own analysing using the data and graphs of the software, but didn't hit anything.

Nov 03. - With more experience in using your programme, I hit a Starter with a system no. Dec 03. - My mother asked me to check a number for her using this programme, the potential is there and she decided to buy direct. Hit another Starter.

18 Jan 04. - I saw the potential of 1237 from your SuperEase Ver 2 (incidentally I also saw the same no. suggested in your 4D Winning Box magazine Jan 04 issue – Choice of the Month at page 26). I decided it's too hot to miss. It hit 1st prize and starter in the same draw! I won $2250. With the extra cash, I went to your office to upgrade my software to SuperEase Ver 3. I found the new software had much more advanced features and capabilities and also more comprehensive than ver 2. It was a pleasure to use this new tool.

28 Jan. - My mother thought of 6034 and asked me to check this no. for her using the software. From the graph, I observed that it was very much overdue, normally I would not invest on the no. But then I thought, with a bit of luck, this no. has to come out sooner or later, so why not now? My mother bought the direct no. and won a Starter!

30 Jan. - I chose system 0189. I thought the graph is very interesting with its almost predictable draw intervals. It has just passed the recommended max. draw interval to play - by 1 draw! Besides, the Top 3 prizes (the new feature!) looks like due! I've a strong feeling that the next hit might be a Top 3... So, I decided to try system for 4 draws. Am I glad! First day, try and 9180 won 2nd prize with $1,000!

I would like to thank you and your partner, Mr. Vincent Loo for coming out with 4D SuperEase. Without 4D SuperEase programme, I wouldn't have won so many times within such a short time frame. I'm sure with SuperEase, I'm going to hit many more numbers in the near future.

And for those out there who bought SuperEase and thought that it doesn't work - don't give up! There is nothing like a little bit of patience, put in more effort to study the patterns, have determination and be positive! You should then see good results coming your way.

Last but not least, I believe that the Lucky 8 Essence and Lucky Spray, I use everyday brings me this constant streak of good luck! For this, many to thanks Anna who introduce them to me.

Christina (Pasir Ris)

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